Small budget, big impact

by Tanya Rickert on Friday, November 23, 2018
The optimization of the house marketing

The importance of the first impression !

When it comes to the marketing of a house, first impression counts in order to get the best results. 

Most potential buyers already have made up their mind, consciously or unconsciously, on the type of house they want to buy and its location. 


To maximize the chances of a sale in a competitive market and to get best visibility on the house, the marketing must be the number one priority. Everything counts: the neighbourhood, the first impression the house gives, the landscaping, decoration, etc…

Three important elements must be considered to market a house properly: 

01 The home-staging (decluttering) of the house;

02 Possible visual enhancements to the exterior of the house;

03 The quality of photos.


Luckily, we have control over certain important aspects. 

Being aware of how the first impression can determine the outcome of a sale, the simple fact of changing certain decoration aspects of the front of the house can positively influence the result and rejoice the seller. 


Colours and other simple details can easily betray the age of the house. Optimizing the front, even with a small budget, can make a big difference and improve the chances of selling quickly and at the right price. 


Just like your wardrobe, fashion evolves and preferences change with time. Even with a small budget, it’s possible to make a remarkable difference. 



Here are a few examples:


Property 1 

The changes include: 

- Addition of a landscaped border with lighting along the parking;

- Construction of two cedar walls with lighting, matching the house’s shades;

- And finally, the addition of modern civic numbers. 







Property 2 

The changes include:

- Painting of the garage door and inferior window border; 

- A refreshed existing landscaping. 







Property 1

A trendy look and a substantially increased market value. 


Property 2 

Small changed with small budget for a big impact! The owners sold in less than 20 days at 98% of asking. 



Tanya Rickert and her team are specialized in the marketing of a home for superior results. 

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